Living ground. Literally the soil beneath our feet, which even neglected somehow remains full of life.  Metaphorically the in-between, the space from which conversations can reach out and connection and healing can begin.

Tink and Adam met in 2013.  Adam looking for a quiet place to explore his new found permaculture skills. Tink recently moved to rural section with a curiosity about lime trees.  As our lives have intertwined we’ve become fascinated by plants and animals, and how their lives wrap around each other. How we relate to the air, water and soil that surround us and slowly relearn the dance of life. 

Living Ground is an idea and our home. A bed and breakfast overlooking Kāpiti Island. A break in the routine of life to recollect, reconsider and rest.  Our hope is that it will grow into a community of sorts, exactly what sort we don’t know … but we’re listening.